Monday, October 18, 2010

My Best Friend, and my NEW Best Friend :)

I really don’t even have enough words for this shoot. Kelsey is and has been my best friend since we were born. We grew up and did EVERYTHING together. That stinkin’ boy is Scott, the boy that is stealing her away! He is pretty fantastic though :) I guess if someone has to steal her, it should be him! I had a blast hanging out in Hawaii with them, they are the cutest two I’ve ever met. PLUS IT WAS HAWAII! Who could ask for more? Not this girl. Enjoy their cuteness!

1 5x7

2 5x7

3 11x14 

4 5x7

5 5x7

6 5x7

beach kiss portrait 5x7

beach walk 3 5x7

beach walk 4 honey 5x7 

face 4 5x7

face block 5x7

face giggle 5x7 copy

face creamy 8x10

HEART 11x14

hold 11x14

lean & kiss 8x10

ocean kiss landscape 5x7

sandheart 2 11x14

sandy feet 5x7

stairs 5x7


stairs kiss 5x7

Starfish rings 5x7 

sunsetish 8x10

surfboard 5x7

This next picture is so ridiculous. I TOLD them not to scream when the wave hit them, and the result:

wave crash 5x7

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Whitney said...

I can't figure out why my Windows Live keeps uploading weird grainy photos, they don't look like that in realy life :(