Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Luke and Wendy -Utah Wedding photographer

Even though I literally just posted their engagement, that was months ago! They were just married a few weeks ago :) I flew down to Utah to do their wedding and loved every second of it! They were married in the Mt Timanogos LDS temple in American Fork, Utah. Just check out how precious the couple was!

Sister Brown -Puyallup photographer

Isn't Sister Brown just the sweetest missionary you've ever seen? Camille is going to be serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 18 months in Phoenix Arizona. If you are interested in learning more about her calling, visit

Baby Posey -Hawaii Infant and Baby photography

This session was so dear to me! Posey's mama is my lifelong best friend. We've been besties since we were toddlers. Then, like a little punk, she got married and her husband moved her to Hawaii. So I *HAD* to fly all the way out there to see this precious little girl. While I was there we sneaked off to the beach before sunrise and did this session. Posey was such a good little girl the whole time, and let us pose her, change her clothes and move her around! I just love this little girl!