Saturday, November 28, 2009


How cute are these kids? I can not handle it! They are super relaxed too! I was not only an hour late to the photo session (oops!), but I had to duct tape my backdrop to their wall ! :( I was irritated at myself, and so I figured they would be too, but nope! They were 100% fine! I think they were trying to calm me down! Their pictures are so fun, and I had a blast shooting them! Jacob made me laugh the whole time! He was doing his “Blue Steel” faces (Zoolander anyone?)

chaircopy copy

elliecopy copy

funnyfacecopy copy

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Lovely Megan

I’ve know Megan for as long as I can remember. Her family lived right next door to mine, and all the children were friends. I seriously have very few childhood memories of playing in the backyard without Megan in them! So when she asked me to do her senior pictures I was thrilled! Plus she is awfully adorable :) We tromped around Tacoma, she walking amazingly well in her stilettos, me  tripping over my comfy Velcro Skechers! The rain stopped just long enough to finish at the Park, and then started dumping. It was tons of fun to shoot her, and her pictures turned out awesome!

fieldcopy copy

fountaincopy copy

tacomacopy copy

That last picture was the first one I took the whole day, and mostly my favorite! Thanks Megan!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tari’s Belly (and her other kids!)

Tari is having her 5th, and last baby (so she says!) She asked me to do maternity pictures of her, since she didn’t have them done with her other kids. So we hadn’t set a date, but this morning I got a call from her. She had her hair cut and it looked super good! So it was now or … later, just without perfect hair! She look beautiful, and her kids were so cute. I had to rush home and edit some right away!

Here, for your viewing pleasure: Tari, her belly, and her adorable children!

crisscross copy

famiily copy

heart copy

Kyle copy

Gotta love ‘em!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Jordie!

More pictures of JORDIE!!!

AND since she is my sister she gets the "Ultimate Premium Awesome Deluxe" package for senior pictures. Which includes several different photo shoots in several different locations, no sitting fee, no printing fee, no digital image CD fee and lots and lots of compliments! Mwahahahaha! So look forward to different settings, and different outfits in the future!!

(But seriously, look how stinkin cute she is! Who wouldn't want to take her picture?)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ms. Jordie!

Warning: This post may be a little bias! She is my baby sister after all!
Okay, so we went and took the first cycle of Jordie's senior pics today! She looked so pretty and the lighting was perfect for what we wanted to do! I was just beyond happy with the results! I will edit them in the next couple weeks, but here is a sneak peak!!

AHHHH! I love it love it love it!!!!