Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mikey -Class of 2008

My second senior picture session!! This one was a piece of cake though. Mikey is like a brother to me. He and my sister have been best friends since they were born. He's lived around the corner from me since we were kids. He didn't want his senior pictures taken, Mom did. Mom wins (Mom's should always win!) He is so stinkin' cute too! I just love this kid.

What a stud!

Kipley -Class of 2008

This was my first round of actual senior pictures! It was a difficult one too, but I managed to make him smile for a couple shots, and embarrassed him along the way! It was a fun shoot, and they turned out quite cute I think (and so does his Mom!!!)

The Riffles

I am back tracking and posting pictures I have already taken, and never got around to making a blog for :) Thanks, Whit

So while I have been taking pictures for quite a while now, I really didn't get in to photography until High School, and my “career” didn't even exist until after I Graduated. I think one of the first times someone asked me to take their family portraits in exchange for money was for the Riffles. They are an amazing family that I have known for a while, and I absolutely am in love with their kids! We had a fun session, and I think they turned out pretty well for the kick off of my professional career!

Their youngest, Riley looked so sassy the whole time, I love it!

After every single picture I took TJ asked if we could do "silly pictures", and I was cracking up the entire time! I just adore this family!