Saturday, September 5, 2009

Welcome to World Bradley!

At 8am September 5th Bradley Brian was born! This baby has given his mom A LOT of trouble, but he was definitely worth every second. He is a little stinker, and a complete sweetheart! Welcome to the world Baby Bradley!

Bradley open eyes

He was awake most of the time we were at the hospital and looking around at everyone!


He was also a gassy little cuss!


I already love this little guy!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Rachel and Austin

Just to let you know, I love Rachel. She is so cute! Her and her cousin, Austin are the only 2 graduating from their High School this year, and Austin is the first boy to graduate in quite some time! They are so amazing! We did what I am going to call a "pre-shoot" at 4 o'clock and it was starting to get dark, so we were hurried. In the next few weeks were going to a couple more locations when there is better light. So look forward to seeing more of their cute faces!!


Austin looking manly!


Rachel getting embarrassed because I was making her play songs on her saxophone.


The entire Class of 2010!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Here is a little taste of Laurisa. There were so many more adorable photos to choose from, it was really hard to narrow it down.  I love that she was laughing the whole time, too. What a doll!

laurisa one



I had a blast with you Laurisa! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.