Friday, May 21, 2010


Well, I’m sure we all remember Jordie…the cutest little sister ever. And the best model I have! She has such a cute face, I just have to take her places and take her picture! She’s been my favorite subject when testing for new places and poses. She’s been my best buddy when trying new effects in Photoshop. She’s been a great accomplice when we get into trouble on the adventures that take us to these things :) I’m going to miss making her come with me having her beautiful face all over my desktop next year, when sadly, she’ll no longer be a  senior! So here’s to one last senior portrait session with Jordie! Enjoy her cuteness!


lookin back 4x6

flowerbed 4x6

flower bench 4x6

indie wall 4x6

That one is my favorite ever of Jordie. She just looks so indie and happy!

beach 4x6

sitting sound 4x6

pugetsound 4x6

stairs close 4x6

union station 4x6

Seriously though, how cute is she? I love her to death!


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