Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Can you take a moment and just look at this kid’s hair? I’ll wait…how amazing is that? He has the cutest hair of any baby I’ve ever seen! His little tongue was popping in and out of his mouth the whole time, and he refused to fall asleep! Even with the warm lights, a diaper change, a bottle, and dad bouncing him, he still wouldn't fall asleep! So when it came time for the hanging/posing pictures I was a little worried, but he was such a champ!







…and if you think his shirt may be lying, check the next photo. Totally not posed. This kid rocked devil fingers at the photoshoot, and he’s 6 weeks old :)


And seriously, I can’t get over that hair!

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Anonymous said...

ahh we love them!!! and your comments are too funny...