Monday, March 22, 2010


I took these pictures in December, and haven’t gotten the opportunity to blog about it yet! I seriously need to get my act together :)


This was one of the craziest nights! It was only three days after Christmas, and we met at great grandma’s retirement home. The family called the home a couple weeks before we had the photoshoot, and asked them if we could be there, and if there was any scheduling conflict. They said no, we’d have the place to ourselves. So I walk in the front doors, carrying my giant lighting bag, a metal chair, a wooden stool, and a Rubbermaid box of cables and backdrops. I was making a lot of noise, and I probably looked like a one man band. I walked straight into the middle of a concert with 50-75 people who lived at the retirement home looking at me. I was pretty freaked out to say the least. I had no idea what to do, or where to go! Finally the family showed up, and they had no idea that a concert was going on. The place they wanted to take the picture, a big picturesque staircase in the middle of the room, was the backdrop of the concert, so no way we can shoot there. The two hour concert was only half way over. We ended up choosing a nice marbled wall near the fireplace. It was off to the side of the concert, so all of these elderly people are staring right at us taking the pictures. One sweet old lady wouldn’t stop talking about how much she loved her grandkids, and how much she wanted to call them and get their pictures taken too. Then there was another not so sweet old lady who kept telling me the lights were in her eyes, and she was going to “"get Jennifer,” if I didn’t stop. No idea who Jennifer was, but luckily for us, she never came! The pictures turned out really adorable, even if the actual shoot was awkward, and I’m not gonna lie, a little bit terrifying! I did have lots of fun, thanks for letting me shoot you Holmes Fam!


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