Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bryce & Kailee Engagements

Starting off the Week of the Camera, is one of my good friends Kailee, and her fiancé Bryce. Their wedding is at the end of august, and I am thrilled to be taking their wedding pictures as well. They are an adorable couple, and I was so pumped to be able to hang out with them for a couple hours! Thanks guys, enjoy!

back hug color pop

ring kiss b&w


smile kiss


Alicia Jones said...

I would cry :(! I am getting a second camera in the next few months so as long as I don't break them both I will avoid that. That's so dumb that it takes that long to fix, they fixed my ipod screen in less than a week, i mean granted thats totally different but still I would think it would take a month tops to fix a camera screen and even that's excessive if you ask me. so dumb!!

Whitney said...

I know! I was pretty ticked. Also, my last post was deleted. What up with that? Now it looks like were crazy. Or like we have ESP...I vote ESP ;)