Monday, November 23, 2009

The Lovely Megan

I’ve know Megan for as long as I can remember. Her family lived right next door to mine, and all the children were friends. I seriously have very few childhood memories of playing in the backyard without Megan in them! So when she asked me to do her senior pictures I was thrilled! Plus she is awfully adorable :) We tromped around Tacoma, she walking amazingly well in her stilettos, me  tripping over my comfy Velcro Skechers! The rain stopped just long enough to finish at the Park, and then started dumping. It was tons of fun to shoot her, and her pictures turned out awesome!

fieldcopy copy

fountaincopy copy

tacomacopy copy

That last picture was the first one I took the whole day, and mostly my favorite! Thanks Megan!

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